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Thiva Thiagarajah

Thiva Thiagarajah is the most trusted and successful business man in the real estate business. He usually have a thought of that real estate is in the blood .The one thing he dislikes the most is the self-promotion.but unfortunately he has to do it because it is a part of his business. So here is the painful bit about which I am and what takes me right here now I am.

In now-a-days lifestyle one of the most difficult is buying or selling the house. Each and every one of us need a person who is trustworthy and make us comfortable to take decision and respects our thought on to the face .I am the one who always there to help you to reach our goals and all your needs.

I will give you a word that I will definitely help you out to reach your goals and the things you want to do. I need only one thing at the end of the conversation in the day is that there should be a good working relationship between us with a positive impact which need to continue to the rest of the future.

Finally I need to clear that you can believe there for the future real estate business decision or to make even any of the small decision of yours. I can give you the promise for the things that I have to tell to you.

Thiva Thiagarajah

Why Choose Us

We provide full service at every step.


As your Realtor®, I have a deep respect for your decision-making process. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you.


Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, or are simply curious about real estate opportunities in theToronto, please feel free to connect with me any time to ask questions and discuss your options.


Let me help connect you to the beauty and culture we enjoy in the Ontario Region. I’m excited to introduce you to your next home or investment opportunity.